No time for an infusion or just want an easy way to improve your overall health and nutrition? Try one of our specially formulated boosters. Better health in only 5 minutes!


Try this combination of glutathione, biotin and taurine designed to help reduce the effects of aging, lower blood pressure and help maintain healthy blood sugar.

Reverse Aging With Vita-Fuse

Fortified with vitamin B5magnesium and taurine to help reduce anxiety and relieve the harmful effects of daily stress.

Rebot with vitamin booster

Are you feeling wired but tired?  Recharge combines B5, B12, magnesium and taurine to help you achieve a calm yet energized state.

Recharge with vitmain booster Vita-Fuse
Vitamin D

Proper levels of vitamin D are essential to good health.  IV/IM injections are the fastest way to raise and maintain optimum vitamin D levels. It is time to strengthen your bones, improve your mood and maximize your wellbeing with this vitamin D booster.  

Vitamin D from Vita-Fuse

Staying active is essential to staying healthy, and good nutrition makes that possible.  

This high dose B12 booster helps increase red blood cell production, raise energy levels, improve mood and support bone health.  

Stay active with B12

Few single supplements have the potential for as much benefit as NAD+.  It is found in every cell in the body and is responsible for energy production.  It also aids in DNA repair, lowers risk of multiple chronic diseases and protects against neurologic decline. Available in 100 mg and 200 mg doses. 

Mountain climber NAD