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Don't let your migraine headache stop you from enjoying life. We at Vita-Fuse sympathize with those suffering from the debilitating effects of recurrent migraines. That is why we created an infusion specifically designed to alleviate migraine symptoms. We combine IV hydration, magnesium and B6 with IV prescription medicine shown to be effective at relieving migraine symptoms.

B6 (Pyridoxine) plays an important role in healthy metabolism, nerve functions, skin health and increasing overall energy. It is also FDA approved for the treatment of nausea/vomiting during pregnancy and has been shown to reduce symptoms and frequency of migraines.

Magnesium plays an active role in over 600 biochemical reactions in the body including muscle relaxation, nerve signal conduction and regulation of the metabolism of proteins, DNA, fatty acids and carbohydrates.  Magnesium deficiency is associated with increased headache and migraine frequency.

Metaclopramide (Reglan) is a prescription strength anti-nausea medicine. It is also effective in the treatment of migraine headaches and can cause drowsiness. Reglan is also commonly used in diabetic patients that have certain GI complications.

Ketoralac (Toradol) is a prescription strength anti-inflammatory that is widely used to treat moderate to severe pain. Toradol contains no narcotics and thus is not habit forming.

Recommended boosters to further optimize this infusion:

  • Extra Glutathione (600 mg)

  • L-Glycine  (150 mg)

  • Taurine (150 mg)

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